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- Rudy C

Dr. Jonathan Gingell's work in the world of Chiropractic Services, in my opinion , second to none. His understanding of us "Runners" is outstanding. He has also helped me as an athlete with my performance and technique. I originally went to visit Dr. Gingell due to a IT band issue in my right knee. I thought I was in some serious trouble.....But a few of my Cypress Running Club members informed me to visit Dr. Gingell. I was immediately taken care of and properly treated. I also noticed the high level of positivity. I was put at ease, which is important for a runner. We care about our legs....tremendously. I now visit him twice a month for preventative maintenance and sports massages. There is some complexities to getting better, faster, stronger as a runner.... I visit Dr. Gingell to help me reach my potential, and you can too!!!!

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