-Todd T

I've been seeing Dr. Gingell for about 6 months since having a recurrence of pain due to a cervical disk herniation. I've had the herniation for over a decade and occasionally the pain it causes flairs up. During these times, I feel some pain in the neck but mostly down my left arm. Normally I just "deal with it," but this time it was severe and was showing no sign of going away. I was even thinking surgery might finally be needed.

A friend of mine who, along with his wife, is an avid athlete and sees Dr. Gingell. He recommended him without reservation, so I made an appointment. Since then, Dr. Gingell has been treating me conservatively with adjustments, traction and exercises. It took about 3 weeks, but it did the trick. Sure, the pain might have subsided without treatment, but I believe Dr. Gingell's treatments accelerated the recovery. Moreover, he was often able to reduce the pain almost immediately by relieving pressure from the disk on the nerve.

Dr. Gingell is a true professional but also quite personable. He listens well and genuinely cares. And if you're into sports, he's a veritable expert...he could host his own radio program! I enjoy my visits with him. And his staff is terrific...very professional and expedient.

Funny story: I was driving into his parking lot a couple of weeks ago and I got a very strong cramp in my right pectoral (or somewhere nearby)...one of those that makes it difficult to take a deep breath. No big deal, but when I told Dr. Gingell, he took my arm to my chest, rolled me onto my back on the table, and did a slight adjustment. The pain was immediately gone and I could take a full, deep breath. So it was a little bonus for the day!

BTW I don't describe myself as an athlete. I know he works with a lot of athletes, but if you're not, don't hesitate to see him. In fact, I cannot comment on his work with athletes other than to echo my friend's recommendation.