- K.J.

When other doctors told me I couldn't run anymore based on injuries I had and should just stop doing the sport I loved, I came to see Dr. G to get his opinion. I wanted to see Dr. G based on so many recommendations of friends. He took the time to get to know me, evaluate my pain, and thoroughly explain what I needed to do to heal properly. He really worked on my arch, my calf pain, my achilles pain, and my heel pain. He didn't just get me back to running when others said I wouldn't be able to continue running, he had me running more efficiently and with a quicker return than anticipated. Since our first visit several years ago, I haven't had any serious injuries since. I do come see him before races when I can feel the mileage adding up and fatigue setting in for him to prepare me for a race. He works through muscle tissue and loosens me up with ART so that I can remain proactive and not get injured. Anytime I feel a slight sharpness in my hip, or IT band, or hamstring getting tight, I make an appointment and he can take care of it in no time so it doesn't ever turn into anything bigger. I always appreciate his attention to detail and his knowledge as an athlete himself to know what I'm going through. He listens and wants to keep you active and that's so valuable to me. Patient for life!