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Spinal Decompression

A spinal disc herniation is when the spinal disc between the vertebrae slides out and puts pressure on either the spinal cord or nerves that exit the spinal cord.  Spinal Decompression can safely and comfortably pull the disc back to its original position.  With a slow and easy increase and decrease of tension the disc creates a slight negative pressure which can pull fluids and nutrients back into the disc helping the disc to heal.

This process is extremely safe and effective without drugs or surgery.  Spinal decompression can completely eliminate pain and numbness in a short time at the fraction of the cost or danger of typical drug injections or surgical options.  With proper training it is possible for a Spinal Decompression Specialist to eliminate almost all pain and numbness in the arms, legs, low back or neck.

The Triton-DTS machine used in our office is a state of the art Spinal Decompression table that allows us to treat a large variety of disc disorders in the spine.  Ranging from degenerative disc disease, sciatica, Bulges and herniations, Spinal Decompression has been shown to provide fast and lasting relief without the need of additional drugs or surgeries.