Acupuncture is based on science and the healing mechanism of the body and not magic! Top Research

Interesting question from a patient:

One of my patients was talking to a woman about Acupuncture, and the woman said that she "found it interesting, but did not think she could do it, because she was afraid it was magic and it was against her religion."

I told the patient that if anyone says this to her, she can give them a simple answer:
1. Acupuncture is based on science and works with the nervous system and the body's own self healing mechanism. See link
3. There are people of all types of faiths and backgrounds that use it, and treat people utilizing it. 
4. There are more than 900 scientific medical based and peer reviewed studies that show the effectiveness of Acupuncture. NIH is one of the organizations involved in research.
5. There is a National Board (NCCAOM), certifying practitioners who have graduate level degrees, take 5 board exams, and are licensed by the Texas Medical Board. These highly credentialed entities would not endorse magic.
6. Major universities like Harvard and John Hopkins have numerous studies on Acupuncture.
Harvard blog excerpt from link above:

“2012 meta-analysis combined data from roughly 18,000 individual patients in 23 high-quality randomized controlled trials of acupuncture for common pain conditions. This analysis conclusively demonstrated that acupuncture is superior to sham for low back pain, headache, and osteoarthritis, and improvements seen were similar to that of other widely used non-opiate pain relievers.”

7. Houston hospitals that have Acupuncture: MD Anderson, Methodist, Memorial Hermann, St. Lukes, DeBakey VA
”The Houston VA offers Veterans a number of alternatives to assist them in their pain management, to include physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic. Alternative therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and yoga are also available.”