Ironman Florida 2017

Ironman Florida 2017

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Ashley Eckermann MS

Ashley goes by a number of titles: sport psychology consultant, performance coach, mental skills coach, sport injury specialist, but ultimately she helps athletes gain the competitive edge & learn how to maximize the moment! Ashley has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas Tech University and a Master of Science in Sports Psychology from Florida State University. She has worked with athletes for 16 years in coaching, teaching, sport psychology, performance consulting, and conducting workshops. During her career, she has coached All-Americans, State Champions, Olympians and received Coach of the Year Awards. Growing up, Ashley played tennis, golf, and ran track, but her true passion was always as a competitive swimmer and now she competes in triathlons and marathons. She is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Team Smashfest Queen, and numerous other running clubs. 

As a fellow athlete who is currently still competing, she understands the demands and pressures placed upon competitors, but also stresses the need to have fun. She appreciates the role mental toughness plays and loves what she does. As an multiple time Ironman finisher and All World Athlete, she recognizes the power of self talk, coping with mental blocks, balancing stress, channeling nerves, managing emotions, easing anxiety, and utilizing energy better. While competing, she has had her fair share of injuries and surgeries and understands how much an injury could damage our confidence, and how valuable it is to train the mind to prevent this.

Coming from an athletic family and is one of five children, she was either competing or watching a family member’s event. Her dad played college football and golfed on the Senior PGA tour, while her mom is an avid golfer and tennis player. Her brother won a 6A HS State Championship in football and went on to play in the SEC. Her other brother was a ranked soccer player. Both her brothers faced career ending injuries at an elite level, so she has experienced that through them as well. One of her sisters was an elite tennis player and her brother-in-law is a nationally ranked cyclist. Her husband raced BMX and participated in NHRA drag racing. While another sister runs marathons with Ashley as a perfect training buddy, so one can see how she has developed competitive roots.

Ashley uses her high energy and listens empathetically to counsel athletes of all ages. She takes great pride in being able to connect to individuals of any level and build relationships through her teaching methods. She loves spreading knowledge, motivating others, and educating people on what we can learn from positive reinforcement in athletics and all the life lessons that can be gained from sports.

Ashley has helped athletes as young as 8 years old up to 67 years old. We spend so much time training the physical components of our sport, and we often neglect prepping for the mental pieces that go into a great performance. Our imagination is our greatest tool – is it being used to ready your focus or is it sabotaging your performance? Ashley believes we are successful based on how much energy is going into our performance - we can't be great or near our potential with 60% of ourselves ready to perform because we're so worried about other things going wrong, constant comparisons, having to be perfect, fear of messing up, or playing the "what if this happens" game. She teaches athletes to compartmentalize more effectively and the result is astonishing. It’s a competitive world out there and she helps people discover a better version of themselves through mental skill development and sport psychology techniques that can benefit athletes, teams, and corporate professionals.