Acupuncture is a medicine that was founded in Asia thousands of years ago and utilized by billions of people globally. It has been used in the U.S. since the 70's and is gaining in popularity, to help with every day ailments as a compliment to Western Medicine.  It works with the brain as the command center to balance the nervous system and activate pain receptors, serotonin, and other feel good hormones to naturally eliminate pain, improve hormone and organ health which results in the reduction in overall symptoms and improved well -being.

The World Health Organization has approved more than 122 conditions, that have been through clinical trials in the west, to be treated by Acupuncture. has more than 900 peer approved medical studies showing the effectiveness of Acupuncture.

  • Pain reduction - for pain anywhere including fibromyalgia and arthritis

  • Stress, anxiety and tension relief

  • Depression relief

  • Digestive Issues: IBS, Crohn's, Diverticulitis,

  • Symptoms of Diabetes and Diabetes control

  • Increased energy levels

  • Improved Sleep

  • Facial Treatment for fine lines

  • Improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Weight Management

  • Cancer Care

  • Stroke Recovery

  • Autoimmune symptoms, such as MS, Lupus, Dysautonomia

  • Stronger digestion and brain-gut balancing

  • Relief from bad habits and addictions

  • Treatment for more than 80 chronic conditions approved by the world health organization

  • Greater sense of overall health and well-being

Common Questions:

Does it hurt? The needles are hair thin and generally only a mild sensation is felt.

What does Acupuncture do? It activates pain receptors and feel good hormones that help people relax and feel less pain. It naturally balances the bodies hormones and organs utilizing the nervous system.

What does Acupuncture feel like? Some people feel nothing, while others feel a mild tingling sensation.

Does Acupuncture have any side effects? Generally no, although occasionally people experience a mild bruising or red mark in the area of treatment.

How do I know if Acupuncture is working for me? Generally people will know by the way that they feel and they will experience improvement in symptoms and pain. The length of time this takes varies by person.

When do I feel results? Results can be immediate, but other times it may take a few sessions before a person feels a major change.

How long do the results last? Usually Acupuncture requires a series of treatments for a full effect. For acute pain the results may be permanent, for more chronic conditions a series of treatments will be required for long term and sustainable relief.

Are the needles government approved? All needles are single use and disposed of immediately. They come in individual packaging and are sterile with nothing on them. The needles are approved by US standards of health and cleanliness.

What are treatment standards for cleanliness? Each spot where a needle will be placed is first swabbed with alcohol for cleanliness. Needles are disposed of in a biohazard container after use.

How long does a treatment last? A first treatment may take a total of 1-1.5 hours including an initial intake and exam. The treatment itself will take 10-15 minutes for the treatment and 30 minutes of "adult nap time" in which the client will relax in a dark room with soothing music.